My name is Martyna Kucinska
and I am a designer

In fact, my educational backgrounds are archaeology and classical philology. They are cool. But among drawing primeval artefacts and probing ancient sources I felt the need to engaged in more dynamic and inspiring ventures. So…here I am – self-taught artist (dare to say).

When I decided to start dealing with graphic design I learnt very quickly that I have to change my way of perceiving the world around me. I had to sharpen my sensibility and attentiveness to many particulars – the way how we communicate, how we do things, how we evaluate information around us. All that because handling with branding and communications projects is not only about composing layouts, concentrating on typography, color, texture and functionality. What is the most unique in designing is that you, as an author, can provide not only aesthetic feel but also emotional experience.
The core of every design is the message. The main thing for designer is to translate this message and the content provided by clients into visual concept that will keep this message affecting and relevant. I’ve learnt also that there’s no half-measures, everything that you do should be top-end product that epitomise attending to details. Only then you will encourage people to read and think about informations which you want to communicate.

I try to face each new project as a new challenge and new source of inspiration. Probably that’s why I derive so big pleasure from my work. During my career as a graphic designer I dealt with digital design (mainly for marketing communications) and print design (from business cards through catalogs to outdoor design) so far. My latest interests are focused mainly around UI design and this is field where I'd like to work especially. If you're looking for graphic designer for cooperation and my portfolio seems to you interesting I'll be happy to talk :)